Stuart Henshall

Co-Founder, based in the USA, Stuart brings 30+ years of experience in consumer products, communications, and technology to Convo. Stuart’s client side career as VP and GM includes developing “world first” products / brands in FMCG, Telecom, and Retail. He still loves Old Spice, PineSol, Lion and brand strategy. Formerly with GBN as a futurist and facilitator he’s also been an active participant in the evolution of social media over the last 10 years. He founded Skype Journal to build the Skype community and is active in developer communities (FaceBook, Twitter, iPhone, IIW, etc.). Recent entrepreneurial efforts include Phweet and Twitmart. Stuart brings to Convo the agile beliefs and approaches that organizations must accelerate learning to remain competitive. He looks for people with curiosity, and simply seeks better questions about the future. He remains an evangelist for new ideas, and is an active participant and speaker at many conferences. He finds satisfaction in deep involvement with creating new products, rapid-prototyping, and observation. He’s taught Executive programs in Strategy and Scenarios and with Dina created Brand 2.0. Today he believes convos will frame the future for powerful brands in a world in which all media is social. (More)