Our Team

We have the depth and breadth to bring a blend of talent and experience to stimulate the conversation in every project through our network of associates. Our practitioners have backgrounds in psychology, sociology, anthropology, business management, software development, technology, design and film-making. We’re well traveled with an international clientele and have worked and delivered projects around the world. We’re specialists in India; understanding emerging markets and change within a global context.

Our core team:

Co-Founder, based in Mumbai, India. With a background in sociology and anthropology Dina has twenty three years specializing in qualitative research and ethnography.  She has covered the gamut of products and services in consumer durables, FMCG, foods and beverages, financial services, healthcare, technology, social computing, mobility, automobiles, luxury products, etc. She is at the forefront of technology trend research in India and works with a global portfolio of companies including conducting learning journeys, and immersions for innovation teams. Dina brings her unique perspective to understanding the emerging social aspects of technology focussing on the way its changing the way people live, love, work, play and ‘consume’.  She has also guided the development of and contributed to many online networking communities and blogs, and calls herself an accidental digital activist. Her perspectives, blogging and participation in social media have earned her worldwide acclaim, and a TED Fellowship at TEDIndia. ((More)

Co-Founder, based in the USA, Stuart brings 30+ years of experience in consumer products, communications, and technology to Convo. Stuart’s client side career  as VP and GM includes developing “world first” products / brands in FMCG, Telecom, and Retail. He still loves Old Spice, PineSol, Lion and brand strategy. Formerly with GBN as a futurist and facilitator he’s also been an  active participant in the evolution of social media over the last 10 years.  He founded Skype Journal to build the Skype community and is active in developer communities (FaceBook, Twitter, iPhone, IIW, etc.). Recent entrepreneurial efforts include Phweet and Twitmart. Stuart brings to Convo the agile beliefs and approaches that organizations must accelerate  learning to remain competitive. He looks for people with curiosity, and simply seeks better questions about the future. He remains an evangelist for new ideas, and is an active participant and speaker at many conferences. He finds satisfaction in deep involvement with creating new products, rapid-prototyping, and observation. He’s taught Executive programs in Strategy and Scenarios and with Dina created Brand 2.0. Today he believes convos will frame the future for powerful brands in a world in which all media is social. (More)

With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Shubhangi has over a decade of experience in qualitative research. She, like Dina, started her career at IMRB (PQR) and has worked since across various categories, handling a wide variety of studies from social research to ethnography and innovation. Shubhangi and Dina have been working together for the last 12 years. Shubhangi’s an avid photographer as well, and has a deep curiosity about human behavior, which she observes and captures sometimes from the outside, sometimes by participating and actively seeking the ‘why’s, how’s. Photography to her is visual ethnography where ideas and feelings like happiness, symmetry, beauty, color, duality, lushness, and sensuality can be recorded on the camera sensor to be pulled out, revisited and enlarged whenever one wants to dwell on them.  She has had pictures published and exhibited both in India and internationally. Other interests include learning new languages, traveling, reading, watching movies. We’ve used many of her pictures to develop this site!

Aparna has a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, and specializes in Qualitative Research and Ethnography. Now based in Kolkata India, she’s passionate about people and cultures, and has spent 15 years travelling extensively across the Indian sub-continent and Middle East markets, handling a wide range of research across diverse categories, demographic and psychographic groups.  A keen observer of life and its idiosyncrasies, Aparna delights in encapsulating news and stories into limericks, which she publishes on her blog Newsmericks.  As a social and citizen media enthusiast, she can also be found at Global Voices Online, an International citizen media aggregator, reporting on citizen media content from South Asia, often focusing on ICT4D related stories, her special area of interest. Aparna’s other interests include backpacking adventures, books, movies and a good conversation over a cup of tea.

Vinita is a graduate engineer and has spent 5 years in front-line sales and marketing. She then returned to college to do an MBA and shifted her career to qualitative research and ethnography.  Her  areas of special interest include  automotive and social sectors.  She has spent a decade understanding the South Indian Consumer  and is now pursuing  her  Ph.D in  Retail Behaviour of the Indian Consumer and has published international and Indian  papers on the same topic.  Vinita has also successfully anchored  a business TV show and run a news paper column. She teaches at Business Schools and often assists students in live Market Research projects. Her other interests include travel, dogs and rock climbing.

Dipti is our Field Manager. She’s a very special lady who’s mission is to change the world. Her approach to recruitment and managing fieldwork is human, grounded and honest. Her flair for creative methods has led us to work with her over the last 10 years. Dipti has worked in the market research field for over 20 years now and always greets a query with a “yes and …”.




Andre is our Operations and Community Manager.  He manages our participants and keeps them engaged in the research and co-creation processes. Backed by a Degree in Hotel Management, Andre brings with him 12 years of experience in Customer Relationship & Team Management with companies like McDonalds, Baskin Robbins, Airtel and The Times of India. To most people he comes across as a natural socialiser with a good sense of humour, cheerfulness, great interpersonal skills and a certain confidence. Supported by these traits Andre is able to lead, mentor, motivate & monitor the performance of individuals and teams to ensure efficiency in operations that help meet individual & group objectives. An optimist at the core, he tends to make the best of every situation, however grave it may be. A complete outdoor person, his hobbies involve photography, long distance biking, trekking and outdoor sports.