Who We Are

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”  Albert Einstein

All of us at Convo engage in the art and science of strategic conversation. We help you discover powerful stories to help you respond and innovate. Our passion is research and strategic insights that make a recognizable difference to your business. We’re an experienced team who have worked across categories and around the world.

A lot of what we do… we do because it interests us. We know brands, we understand consumer products. We’re passionate about new media, mobile communications, location based services, and “mashup” opportunities. We blog, we tweet, and prototype, we constantly experiment.

Globally, we’re seen as thought leaders and trend-spotters in KM and Enterprise 2.0, telecommunications, and digital activism.  We use workshops, and training sessions to facilitate the conversation.  Most of all we seek solutions which will make the world a better place.

We also work to support our beliefs and causes we’re passionate about. We have been part of global efforts around causes, disasters and developers. We’ve spoken at conferences, been advisers, and joined and contributed to activist communities built on a shoestring and volunteers to make things better. Sometimes it has been about raising awareness and money, or training and workshops, or advising on their boards, or supporting movements by putting some of the social tools we know how to use into action. And we like actively generating solutions using “API’s” and mashups. The most recent of these used Twitter; Phweet and Twitmart.