What They Say

We like praise and yet know we are only as good as our last assignment. High praise sets high standards. We will share references and more anytime.

These are a few quotes from clients and associates:

“The Convo team is fabulous. We recently concluded a study with Convo to understand mobile phone user experience in India. Convo did a great job in the field: recruiting participants, scheduling and conducting interviews, and organizing a workshop to help build profile of Wikipedia readers. But the best part was the report, the report was extremely helpful for us in taking their insights into something that was more concrete and actionable for us. We also really liked the platform Convo built for digital diaries that allowed participants to easily share their activities with us across 3-4 weeks. I would highly recommend Convo, and their team for conducting qualitative research in India.” Mani Pande, Head of Global Developmental Research, Wikimedia Foundation

Convo collaborated with us as a local partner in Mumbai in a large and hairy global research project. Their team put together a fantastic week-long program of immersive experiences on the topic we were studying for our research team and representatives from three of our participating consortium clients. The Corvo team were creative, flexible, and incredibly engaging with all of us; they really delivered a memorable, enjoyable experience that led us all to be able to develop many completely new insights for our project.” Rich Radka – Partner, Claro Partners

“We engaged with Convo in 2011 to conduct a longitudinal study that took place in a Tier 1 and Tier 4 city.  I can honestly say that this was an experience I will never forget.  Every member of the team was exceptionally knowledgeable, collaborative, detail-oriented, professional and fun throughout the entire process.  The team was diligent in meeting our expectations and as a result, we were able to achieve high quality results.   I would highly recommend engaging with Convo — so that you, too,  can immerse yourself in this highly diverse, growing market!” Rama Sawhney, Consumer Insights and User Experience Research, Intel Corporation

“Each of our Team members has been changed for life as a result of our experiences – and we are most grateful. The experiences of our recent Learning Journey has been woven into the very fabric of my soul. More than ever I understand more personally that we are all citizens of the globe bonded together by the common threads of our humanness. Many thanks, again, Dina, to both you and Shubhangi for shaping experiences that touched our lives so profoundly.” Catherine A Dulle, CHAIR, Board of Directors, CHRISTUS Health

“Stuart is a highly skilled strategist, facilitator, and consultant. I value his content knowledge about e-commerce as well as his process skills in managing groups and projects.” Jay Ogilvy – Co-founder Global Business Network

“Dina worked with us on a long term project that lasted over 18 months. During that time she was an excellent partner, truly participating as a member of our team and providing unique value through her experience and perspective on research in India. In addition to performing the research we contracted, Dina participated in analysis and concept development, and introduced new methodologies to our way of working.” Alexandra Mack,  Pitney Bowes Inc. USA

“We hired Stuart Henshall to architect our new blog and give us “room to move.” We had no idea what a smart idea that was. He moved us from Blogger to Moveable Type, taught us the importance of category tags, blog rolls, news readers and a host of other useful concepts and tools. He’s coached us how to use blogging as both an internal as well as an external tool. And he’s excited a whole new group of bloggers here at Cheskin”Christopher Ireland, Principal, Cheskin Research

“When I took up the challenge and joined Mid-day, I could not think of anyone else who would partner me in helping Mid-day connect with the YUMPI ( Young Urban Mobile Professional across India) other than Dina. She is a PASSIONATE quali researcher with a great penchant for immersing into the business realities and on top of that she is a pioneer in understanding the SOCIAL impact of today’s avtaar of the Internet – Web 2.0. So, these two passions make her a very unique professional indeed ! Did I forget to mention that she is a great human being as well ?!” Abhijit Pradhan, VP Marketing, MidDay Multimedia

“Stuart Henshall is a man who knows innovation in products when he sees it. He cofounded Skype Journal while blogging with his own blog, Unbound Spiral. Now he’s admitting the N90 will be the tool that gets him back into his own Unbound Spiral. His review is a clever read and typical Stuart. Insightful. Whimsical and witty. It’s not a traditional product review with dissection. I’m guessing that will come later. Instead you get slice of life and unabashed enthusiasm for something new and different”. Andy Abramson, CEO Communicano

“I worked with Dina and Stuart on a Web 2.0 workshop for us and our client, and the level of quality, efforts undertaken, and attention to detail left me very impressed. And if that wasn’t enough, they also managed to make the entire experience a fun, exciting time as well. Good show, Stuart and Dina!” A Tewari, Head of Strategy, Starcom Worldwide

Dina is wonderful — smart, insightful, creative, and a real joy to work with. She’s also got one of the best minds I know on technology, design, organizational and social change and how these things are impacting real people. If you’re looking for help thinking clearly about the future, do yourself a favor and hire her.” Alex Steffen, Executive Director, Worldchanging