What I play will inspire the drummer to play something. The drummer might inspire me to play something. The musicians listen to one another and make spontaneous decisions. The possibilities are endless. It is always within the form and it is always interconnected with each person but it is never the same.The joy of performing is the group sound Jazz is democratic  music and everybody gets to solo but only within the  context of the whole. When I do solo, I still have to pay attention to what the  rhythm behind me is. I can’t ignore it. I have to be a part of that. Playing in a group means giving up some of your  space for the group. If a band isn’t playing with any interaction, I walk out because it is no fun.” Doug Little, jazz musician and member of The Motion Poets

We love Doug’s philosophy, improv and jazz bands. It reflects our approach to co-creating breakthrough strategies where complexity often rules.

Great strategy is embedded in the conversations an organization has, their current mental models and in assessing risk about the future. Our research programs generate, artifacts, personas, stories and insights designed to stimulate discussion. We bring these inside your organization and focus on co-creating value through ongoing conversation, driven by our belief that, by keeping the conversations about our identity, brands and future alive, a company evolves.

We co-create Convo’s to be immersive, strategic, upstream and exist when methods, cultures and forward thinking are socialized in an accelerated learning method. Our culturalization process encourages, facilitates and structures learning and immersive environments, so you learn faster and socialize the insights in your organization. At the end of the day, it is the conversation and how the organization holds it about the future, their customers and where they want to go that is important, compelling and most likely to create value.