Our Clients

Our clients help make us more “global” and drive us to succeed. They usually put us at the forefront of change. Many of our relationships began small and then grew. We’ve had clients stick with us for many years, and old clients back with new companies.

We take on projects both small and big, and prefer longer engagements over quick one-off projects. Still everything starts someplace. We look to match our methodologies and processes to your needs and communication style. Proposals and program components are typically co-designed. We’ve found the investment in time upfront and face to face increases success.

Our clients cut across industries, products and services. Most are international and global in reach. Many need help approaching and understanding India and emerging markets or conversely how technology will play out in products and services. More recently many have taken a mobile, social, connected orientation. Over the years, a number of our international clients have rethought their business approach after exposure to our programs run in India or on changing social tools.

Also in this list are a number of global research, innovation and futures firms who know we have a real edge in understanding “global requirements” and how to contribute and collaborate cross-teams and countries. In those cases we become an extension of their team.