Developing Mobile Apps for SMB’s

Exploring and uncovering mobile and computing needs and solutions that help SMB’s manage and promote their businesses. The Client is a multinational company that serves the small business segment, in providing financial, marketing and manpower solutions to managing their businesses. While the studies are located in India, they serve to represent the emerging markets segment worldwide.

We’ve done a series of studies, involving observations, contextual inquiry and prototyping.¬†Once potential value propositions are identified, we are researching prototypes of solutions that are in the area of using the cell phone to manage work flows. The iterative process of prototyping is effective in:

  • Identifying whether the solution idea or concept meets customer needs and value propositions identified in the earlier stages of research
  • Gaining inputs into design, usability, form, etc over the iterations
  • Assessing how best to ‘go to market’