Re-Imagining Naturals – Innovation Program for Personal Care Products


To re-imagine and build a naturals product platform that goes beyond our Clients personal care product portfolio. Go guide creation of a brand platform and propositions in the Naturals space that’s powerfully substantiated and can command a premium over unbranded commodities.



We did household immersions with women and youth and their families; we met ayurverdic practitioners, we met local beauticians; we did market immersions. Research and immersions were conducted in urban and rural India; 4 regions of the country; 11 centres; 3 town classes; 3 SEC groups – A1-C and R1-R2. We took videos, photos, and collected a range of products from each of the 11 centers we visited.


Through the deep immersions we collected and brought back physical artifacts and home-grown recipes. This provided our Client with a vivid bank of audio-visual insights and a knowledge base for this brand platform. We also created a model for understanding and mapping different users of Natural products, and detailed personas on the map. For each persona, we covered usage, drivers, barriers, brands , markets, influencers, and ended with a discussion on Emerging Opportunities:

  • Who should we Target: Adoption Trajectories, Motivations, Barriers, Profiles, Personas
  • Product Development and Positioning/Branding Cues
  • Influence and Support: Market, Doctors, Beauticians