Learning Journey on Participatory Social Networks

Earlier this year, we organized a learning journey for a bunch of clients  from the computing, telecom and banking sectors on participatory service networks in India. It was quite a challenge to cover both depth and width of how they manifest themselves in India, in a week and in just one city, Mumbai. We identified themes of interest and devoted a day to each theme.  The Client had originally asked for 10 interviews with people involved in Participatory Social Networks during that period when they were visiting India. We talked the Client out of the idea of restricting the program to Interviews with 10 people – instead, we recommended this program:

We had theme days, all in the context of the subject under study:

  • Networking and PopCulture
  • Community, the Slum and the BOP
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Connected Youth – how they live, work, play
  • Enterprise and Networks
  • Migrants and their Networks
  • Taking it Home

Do write to us if you’d like more details on Learning Journeys with Convo!  Dina@convo.org or Stuart@convo.org.