Healthcare Learning Journey

Objectives: This was conducted for a group of 11 members of a “Futures Task Force” at a large healthcare organization in the US.  The project was an 18-month engagement and the goal was to improve their long-term insight and foresight into the future of healthcare delivery. We co-designed and led the Learning journey in India, under the guidance of Nicole-Anne Boyer of Adaptive Edge. This included immersive and experiential learning in the areas of  social innovations, new community models, new business models, new thinking, models for taking care of the poor.

The aim was to open minds by being in a new culture, mental anchors for them to grasp some of the challenges living in India has, and then challenging assumptions, exposing people to an emerging market power with all its dichotomies and polarizations, getting people out of their comfort zone.

Methodology: sample page from the Learning Journey – we participate therefore we are.  And here’s a blogpost I had written right after the learning journey, with more details.  It actually reinforced to me that given the right balance of content with experiential immersions and a focus on ‘how’ learning would take place, learning-to-be can begin even with just a week’s exposure.:

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Outcome: The feedback has been tremendous for this; here’s a comment from the Chairperson of the Board who was a part of the team: “First of all, let me thank you for the wonderful job you did in organizing an incredible itinerary for our Christus Learning Journey to India. Each of our Team members has been changed for life as a result of our experiences – and we are most grateful! You are most talented professionals and remarkable women. The experiences of our recent Learning Journey have been woven into the very fabric of my soul. More than ever I understand more personally that we are all citizens of the globe bonded together by the common threads of our humanness. Many thanks, again, Dina, to both you and Shubhangi for shaping experiences that touched our lives so profoundly.”

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