Designing an Improved Mobile Music Service

A longitudinal study over 14 weeks where we reviewed:

  • What worked and what didn’t: by studying the customer journey and break-down points from purchase to on-boarding and activation, downloading, listening and collecting.
  • Learnt why users dropped out; often not even activating their accounts.
  • Identified three core user personas and learned how they relate to, use the service and their priorities for improvement.
  • Found both “niggles” and suggestions for making the service more attractive and compelling.


  • Listing & Recruitment
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Scrapbooks
  • Music Collection Inventories and Patterns
  • Daily Usage Diary
  • Weekly Probes through detailed questions of the week
  • Participatory Workshops with respondents and clients

Two virtual spaces (blogs) were created for ongoing Conversations.

  •  Participants Blog: conversation space for participants, collected daily diary usage logs, field and discuss weekly questions & answers
  • Conversation space for Research and Client teams: next-step discussions and clarifications, records and archives all research materials – F2F interview transcripts, videos, digitized scrapbooks, analysis of diary log study & weekly Q&A, group workshop summary