Brand Activation Research – Youth

Objective: How can the company, a large multinational FMCG group, through activation, deliver more engaging and compelling activities for the BPO girl (working in a call center), to get their attention and excite them to eventually use their personal care products.

Focus Groups with the target audience which involved many creative activities
– Scrapbooks were filled by them, prior to the groups, covering life at a BPO, activities that describe the segment and beauty, grooming and style trends that are cool
– Personal Inventories and home visits to actually observe their personal space
– Depth interviews with BPO staff involved in event management

Outcome: many activation ideas emerged, along with a deeper understanding of what may or may not work.  Eg. although the company was targeting girls, we asked them to involve boys too in their plans, for the simple reason that beauty and grooming is directed at them, and without them, the emotional payoff can be weak.  Another observation we had – the events shouldn’t be cross-BPO as the supervisors wouldn’t allow that, due to the high level of ‘poaching’ of employees.