Automobiles Sales Process Design



To gain an in-depth understanding of the process involved in the various stages of car buying behaviour – information search, at the dealership prior to finalising the model choice, booking & delivery, post-delivery process.

To obtain insight into consumer behavior and assess pain points, influencers, delight factors and pressures in the process of buying a car. Of critical interest was the shopping behavior – how consumers choose dealerships and search for information prior to visiting a dealer.


We observed the full process of buying a car right from the Info Search stage to final delivery and feedback a week thereafter. We had 4 touchpoints or stages with each consumer – pre-sales (information gathering either at home or at the dealer), sales experience (at the dealership) and delivery (at the dealer and/ or at home) and the post-delivery experience (within 2 weeks of delivery).

We accompanied them at every stage.  Our task was to observe, record our observations and then conduct contextual inquiries at appropriate times. This was while at the sites or touchpoints, right after that, or later. We were conscious that we did not bias the participants and dealers or interfere and influence subsequent research stages either through our recording mechanisms or lines of questioning.


We created a model for understanding the Customer Journey, and as a result, our Client revised their SOP’s for their sales force.